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Bread Boutique and CafeBread Boutique and Cafe opened up this week in Tenafly.  It is an adorable little place that is an added plus to the downtown scene.  The location is next to my office at 15 W Railroad Ave.  This can be a challenge for my diet because Bread features absolutely delicious baked goods.  It has other items too so I may be in trouble………

We watched the construction going on for several weeks.  Opening day came as no surprise because you could smell the baking through the wall out on the street.  This did add to the anticipation.  They celebrated their opening by not charging everyone who came for coffee.  I thought that was a very nice touch although I had no time to stop by.

Tenafly is a very nice community.  People enjoy going downtown and hanging out together.  While we have several restaurants, a boutique coffee shop has been missing.

Coffee is available with baked goods at Miller’s Bakery and Cafe Angelique.  Both are literally across the street and around the corner.  They are very good too but there really is no true boutique coffee shop.  As a result, Bread fills a void.Bread Boutique and Cafe

They have a great concept with Grab and Go areas.  You can get in and out quickly with a baked good, salad or something else.  This appeals to people like me.  I’m always on the go so waiting forever to get a salad isn’t the best situation for me.  I have no doubt many people will love this.

I know it’s colder but people were sitting outside having coffee.  There is seating inside too if you like.  The baked goods looked fabulous.  I did not have a lot of time so I got a salad and coffee.  It took only a few minutes; I did the Grab and Go Bread Boutique and Cafething.

This is a Kosher establishment.  As a result this is great for people who need a Kosher bakery and coffee shop.  Other folks come because what they have is excellent.

It is open Sunday through Friday and closed on Saturday because it’s Kosher.  Commuters love it because it opens at 6:30 am during the week.

I got a beet and goat cheese salad along with coffee.  It was excellent.  The salad was interesting because there were some grapefruit wedges along with the beets, cheese and greens.  It was a hit with me as was the coffee.

Give Bread Boutique and Cafe a try.  You will be so glad you did!



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