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safe drivingSafe driving in the fall in Bergen County is different than at other times of the year.  There are 3 reasons why.

A.  Falling leaves

B.  Sunlight

C.  Rain

Because it’s close to the end of October I thought it would be a good time to alert everyone on this.

Trees are beginning to lose their leaves in earnest and fall colors here are peaking.  Those beautiful leaves falling and swirling in the wind land on lawns, sidewalks and streets.  They gather up on street corners as moving cars blow them to the sides of most roads.  Idling cars at lights and stop signs don’t so they can sit on piles of them.  This is the problem.

Leaves are slippery.   People who move here may not be experienced driving on leaves.  Fall brings with it rain storms.  Wet leaves are quite slick. Cars skid on dry leaves but especially on wet leaves.  Accidents happen because of this.  Many new home buyers do not have experience with this.  As a result, they’re more likely to skid into an intersection or through a stop sign.

Did you buy a home here recently?  Did you move from a different climate?  Are you a new driver?  If you answered Yes to any of these questions, be especially careful driving now.  Safe driving in the fall in Bergen County is not hard.  It means that you have to be mindful of leaves on the ground.

Sunlight changes now too.  It gets darker sooner.  Sunlight is much more subdued around the end of the day in the fall. Because of this visibility now isn’t terrific.  In less than 2 weeks Time arrives.   As a result, rush hour is dark.  Most pedestrian fatalities happen during the dark hours according to NHTSA.

All of us who drive here need to be very careful at all times.  Safe driving in the fall in Bergen County means being careful of leaves on the road and pedestrians in the dark.  Because Halloween festivities happen soon please be especially careful as the ghosts and goblins arrive too.

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