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commuting to workCommuting to work in New York is how 13% of Bergen County residents get to work.  13% does not sound like a lot until you consider that Bergen County has 939,151 residents.  This comes to 122,090 people traveling to work daily in New York City.  That’s 1 out of every 7 or 8 of us.

Bergen County is across the Hudson River from Manhattan.  Because we are so close to New York commuting is a big reason why our homes are in such great demand.  Moving over 122,000 people every day is done by bus, rail, car and ferry.  Let’s see what choices you have in commuting to work in New York.

You can drive of course.  Many people do.  We have 2 major and 4 local highways taking you to the Lincoln Tunnel or the George Washington Bridge.  We also have vast mass transit options too.  The biggest system is New Jersey Transit.

New Jersey Transit gets you to Manhattan by bus and train.  If you go to their website  you can plug in your address to get commuting information.  I think this is a very cool and useful feature.  Another bus only option is Coach USA.  Their website  is much simpler and less detailed.  Because we have so many bus options, bus commuting is available in nearly every one of our 70 locations.  commuting to work

During rush hours both systems use express bus routes with limited stops.  Other times are local routes with, it seems, stops at every corner.  How long it takes really depends on when you travel and where you are located.  Typically not more than 1 hour on the bus at most.

Towns along the Hudson River don’t have a train commute.  Nor do many on the western edge of the county like Franklin Lakes.  Trains run on 2 lines – the Pascack Valley Line and the Main Bergen Line  They take you to Secaucus or Hoboken where you get the PATH train across the river to Manhattan.

You can cross tcommuting to workhe river by ferry too.  New York Waterway is how a great many people south of the George Washington Bridge along the Hudson travel to work.  Buses also go through these towns but there’s something special about a ferry.  Buses are cheaper though.

To find out more information about what your commute will be like, call me at 201-741-8490.  For any home you consider, it’s essential you have accurate commuting information.




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