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new homesNew homes need inspections too.  Even though a new construction house has everything brand new in it, things can go wrong.  Buying a new home does not guarantee that everything is perfect.

You may think this is crazy.  Nothing is old.  Manufacturer warranties are on all major systems for at least 5 years.  Appliances have manufacturer warranties too.  The house comes with a NJ State 10 Year Builder’s Warranty.

Buyers look at this and think they are safe.  This is not always true.  Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  New homes need inspections too.

Consider radon for example.  Builders use gravel for the foundation.  They install it under the foundation walls and floor.  Gravel can come from high radon areas.  As a result, your new basement can have high radon levels.

Problems might develop anywhere. Cabinet doors don’t open and close properly.  The painter forgot to paint a closet interior wall.  The chandelier is not installed correctly, etc.  You don’t want to move into a new home and find out it’s not homes

Craig Sharf inspected a newly built  Tenafly home for my clients on Saturday.  Craig is a very thorough home inspector.  As a result he found several issues.  These are just a few:

  1. Roof rafters pulling away from the ridge beam.
  2. The garage step made by the garage door service is too high so it’s a tripping hazard.
  3. Furnace exhaust pipe might be too long to maintain the manufacturer warranty.
  4. Storage closets are not ventilated to prevent mold.

Inspect the new home you are buying with a good home inspector.  Builders are human; this doesn’t mean they’re bad.  They make mistakes like all of us.  Because of this you need to protect yourself.  You do this with a home inspection.  new homes

I am not a home inspector which is why I missed these issues. Home inspectors examine a house with a trained eye.  No real estate agent or home buyer does this.  Why?  Because we can’t. Use a professional home inspector to protect yourself because not doing so is a huge mistake.

Call or email me if you’d like Craig Sharf’s information or the names of other good home inspectors in my experience.

Find out more about the professionals you need when you buy a home. 

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