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get a good attorney

Get a good attorney, not a cheap attorney.

Real estate is a sizable purchase.  You want to be sure everything is right.  Because real estate agents must use a New Jersey State Contract for residential sales, you really need to get a good attorney.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Here’s why:


  1. Only attorneys can ratify contracts legally.
  2. Attorneys make sure everything is correct so you don’t buy a mistake.
  3. Lawyers incorporate negotiated inspection issues into your contract.
  4. Your attorney has only your interest in mind and doesn’t care which house or Realtor is involved.
  5. Maybe, most importantly, your lawyer gives you guidance no one else can.

No Realtor, title rep or banker has the knowledge and skill to correctly examine title searches, surveys, contracts and closing documents.  As a result, no one protects you like your lawyer.

Why look for the cheapest attorney when buying the biggest purchase of your life?  If you needed brain surgery would you use a discount  surgeon?  get a good attorney

A closing was scheduled for yesterday morning.  The seller had moved out of state.  As a result, he did not know his discount attorney couldn’t be bothered to come.  His attorney sent closing papers to our attorney that morning.  Because there were so many errors the closing had to be cancelled.

The deed was wrong, signatures were missing or in the wrong places, pages were not notarized etc.  It was terrible.  The discount attorney didn’t know how to fix this and asked our attorney to tell him what to do.

If the seller was counting on the proceeds to purchase his next home yesterday, that didn’t happen.  If my buyer had planned to move in that day, she couldn’t. She also lost a vacation day for nothing.

Because a good attorney is often only a few hundred dollars more, it’s not worth the risk.  How much did it cost the seller to not move yesterday?  It’s expensive to keep things in a moving truck overnight.  Get a good attorney not a cheap attorney.

If you want the names of outstanding real estate attorneys, contact me today.  You can also find information on attorneys in my website.

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