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Bergen CountyBergen County itself is not the focus of most home buyers. Buyers focus on the towns they’re considering because that’s what’s most important to them.  This makes perfect sense of course.

They’re not alone.  Most homeowners and residents don’t know much about the County they live in either.  As a result if you were to ask anyone you meet here how many people live in Bergen County, I bet they’d answer “A lot.”

The scale of this place is huge.  There are 70 different municipalities.  Each has it’s own personality.  We are also a highly diverse place.  While many counties in the US have a distinct flavor, we are a rainbow of options and choices.  If you only focus on a few towns, you’ll miss so much of what we have to offer.  Let’s take a look.

The US Census Bureau says that 939,151 people live here.  That’s nearly 1 million people packed into 246.61 square miles.  This makes us the most populous County in New Jersey.

Known as a bedroom community to NYC, the truth is that most people here don’t work in NYC. Half work in Bergen County and 15% commute to NYC.

Education is big.  We have a well deserved reputation for outstanding public school systems.   New Jersey Monthly Magazine  publishes a list of the top high NJ high schools every 2 years.  Bergen County has 22% of the top 50 which is Bergen Countymore than any other County.

We are also very well educated because 91.6% of us graduated high school and 46.9% are college graduates.  As a result, we have the highest  median household income in the State at $85,806.

There are 9,000 acres of County Parks.  As a result it’s easy to see why Bergen County is so beautiful when you add in all the town parks and nature preserves.

Speaking of County Parks, we have golf courses, winter ski slopes, horseback riding, hiking trails, a zoo and more.

Diversity is amazing.  Did you know that the town in the US with the highest percentage of Korean Americans is Palisades Park?  That 18.5% of us are Italian Americans?  That Poland, South Korea and India are where most of our foreign born Bergen Countycitizens come from?  About 20% of us are of Hispanic origin.  We have a large Jewish population too as well as African American.

Even people from my background – Armenian – have a sizable population.  I bet there is not 1 country missing here in our population.  The diversity of Bergen County is at times staggering.  Walk into a supermarket – it’s a kaleidoscope of cultures.

The diversity of Bergen County is wonderful in both what it has to offer in real estate and it’s people.  This is why Bergen County is both a dynamic and terrific place to live.  Come join us – you’ll love living here.

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