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getting your house readySelling your home?  Getting your house ready is a big part of your success.  Let’s start with condition.

You’ve probably heard that it’s a seller’s market because Bergen County homes are in high demand.  While this is true it also misses the point.

The only thing that matters is how much you get for your house.  Condition will lift you high or devastate you in any real estate market.  So let’s get ready for the heights!

If your home is like almost all others, condition is something to be carefully considered. Most of all you want to add value so consequently whatever is done must make sense.

Most homeowners live with things for years that they just don’t see.  You get used to it or it doesn’t matter.  Selling a house makes it matter because condition issues steal value from you.getting your house ready

Opening windows and airing a house out can do wonders.  How a house smells is a condition issue.  So open your windows and let fresh air in.

Odors will kill you.  Dogs get a bath.  Rugs need shampooing.  Oven vents should be cleaned.  Air scents need to be trashed.  Examine your home carefully.

Do you have a damp basement?  Water penetration may not be the issue.  What about those old basement windows that no longer open and the missing dehumidifier.  Get a dehumidifier and turn it on.  Forget the windows because once opened, they may not close.

Check your leaders and gutters. Overflowing gutters pour water into your foundation and create stains. Consequently gutters appear dirty and unattractive. Clean and power wash them so they operate properly and shine.

Power washing is always a good idea if your home’s exterior works with this.  Sidewalks and patios are helped too.

Look at your bathrooms.  Re-caulk the bath tub and steam clean the tiles because this will make it pop.

Professiongetting your house readyal cleaning services are the best idea. They know how to get a house ready for the market. As a result, this is very cost effective.  Furthermore they get it done in quickly.

Cleaning windows is a must.  I wrote an entire article just on cleaning windows. because it’s so very important.

Wood floors are a huge deal with buyers therefore polish them up.  Covered with old carpet?  Almost always it’s smart to remove it.  This is a judgement call on your part.

Decide what’s best based on your budget and what adds the most value.  Selling your home is also getting your home ready.  You want the best price so pay attention to condition and put your best foot forward!

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