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mortgage commitment Weichert has a 1 week mortgage commitment including the appraisal.  This is nothing short of revolutionary.

Weichert Financial Services has been hiring processors, streamlining systems and doing everything possible to help buyers.  You really need an edge in this highly competitive market .  This explains why:

You find a home you love and make an offer.  The house has a crowd of buyers and consequently multiple offers.  Most likely many are similar to yours.  So how do you stand out and win?

This scenario happens every day and it’s been going on for a while.  It’s not fun and very stressful for home buyers. mortgage commitment

Weichert introduced the escalation clause to help our buyers several years ago.  Since then the Bergen County real estate market has become tougher due to increased demand and low inventory.

So how can you stand out?  We can make you stand out with superior financials.  This is why Weichert has a 1 week mortgage commitment.

Conditions are simple.  You need a Weichert pre-approval, a signed contract and whatever documents are required.  No extra cost for this too.

Why do you need a Weichert pre-approval?  Because our pre-approvals are preliminarily underwritten loan approvals.  As a result, a lot has already been done toward mortgage processing.

Imagine what this does for you in a bidding war.

Homeowners always worry about the mortgage.  Most contracts these days have 30-45 day mortgage commitment times.  Sellers hate having to wait this long.  So which offer do you think they’ll choose?  One that makes them wait 30-45 days?  Or the offer that only asks for 7 days?

mortgage commitmentIt seems like a no brainer.  Probably every offer you’ll make will be up against others.  Since you’re the only one with a 1 week commitment date, you’re very likely to be the offer they choose.

Jim Weichert puts his focus on customer service.  What better way to service a home buyer than this?

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