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you need an attorney

You need a lawyer to buy a house

You need an attorney to buy a home in Bergen County.  New Jersey requires licensed real estate agents to use the NJ State Contract for residential transactions.  If you use a contract, you need a lawyer.

Residential properties are single family homes, condominiums, 1-4 family homes and land zoned for single family use.  No matter which agent or which company, it’s the same NJ sanctioned contract.

You make an offer on this form; when the seller signs it, it becomes a legal contract to buy the house. The agents email a copy to buyer and seller attorneys right away to begin their review.  This process is called Attorney Review.

you need an attorney

Attorney Review

Attorney Review takes 1 week usually and when concluded, gives you a firm binding contract of sale on the house.  During Attorney Review both lawyers work with their clients to adjust the original contract to fit their specific transaction.

Real estate agents are not attorneys; we can’t help you with this.  This is why you need an attorney to buy a home.  Only your attorney can make sure that the contract protects your interests.

Your lawyer is so very important. There is no substitute for legal representation.

Attorneys negotiate inspection issues.  I’ll help too but only your lawyer can make sure any concession negotiated is part of the contract.

Lawyers also inspect the title search.  Sometimes title errors are missed.  You need an attorney who carefully reviews the title work so you are fully protected.  And, of course, attorneys prepare for and do the closing.

The right attorney primarily practices residential real estate – commercial is another world.  Normally you don’t meet face to face until the closing so you need great communication over the phone.  This is a must.  Here’s something else:  What an attorney charges has nothing to do with the ability to represent you.

No doubt about it.  You need an attorney to buy a home in Bergen County.

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  1. Claire Masters

    Thanks for highlighting that we should consult an attorney when purchasing real estate as they inspect documents like titles thoroughly to have a safe and complete transaction. Information like this is helpful especially for someone like me who is a first timer in land acquisition. I’ll be sure to contact a reliable lawyer when I save enough to buy a house.

    • Bergen County Real Estate Agent

      Thanks Claire for your kind words. Here’s a tip – even though they have limited products because they don’t broker out loans, some of the best deals can be had at good credit unions. Here’s one – Make sure you have a great credit score. If you need any tips on that, or anything else, just contact me. My direct email is [email protected] and my cell is 201-741-8490