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websiteBergen County has a great website that you will love.  It has a tremendous amount of information on what seems to be an endless number of topics.  You will be quite impressed with how comprehensive the site is.

Many people who own a Bergen County home are familiar with their own town’s website.  They’re much less familiar with the county website and a great number don’t even know it exists.

I always make sure my clients know about these websites.  Buyers especially love them.  If you haven’t checked out your town’s website, you really should.

Bergen County’s  site is gorgeous and an outstanding resource.  From the home page to deeper into it, you’ll find so much information on any topic you can imagine.

The website focuses on business development and the process for bidding on County projects.  I found this to be particularly impressive. Its under “Work With Bergen County” on the county website homepage..

Of course there’s the list of Departments and Services but even here you’ll be impressed with an amazing list of everything Bergen County has to offer.  The About Bergen County section does have what you’d expect – history, news, photos, demographics – but also a strong emphasis on family oriented activities.

Speaking of demographics, this section is awesome with tons of information.  The Work With Bergen County section even has a film and TV office because we’re such a popular location site for major productions.

There is no doubt that Bergen County has a great website  You will appreciate it more and more as the years go by.  Whether you need the help of a department or service, want information or are looking for a fun family event, this will be your go to place for everything the county has to offer.

It doesn’t matter if you live here already or are just thinking of moving in.  Bergen County’s website is one you can’t afford to miss.

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