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unwanted guestsUnwanted guests are coming to Bergen County.  Winter is almost over.  In a few weeks we’ll be turning the clocks forward and soon after spring officially starts.  The 2017 winter has been quite mild; one of the warmest I’ve experienced.  Warm winters, however, bring unwanted guests – ticks.

This is not isolated to Bergen County – the entire eastern Mid-Atlantic region has had a mild winunwanted guestster.  A few semi major storms have kept our snowfall count near normal but a long period of freezing temperatures day after day as you’d expect never happened.  The result is a huge increase in the tick population.

I enjoy taking our dog, Mickey, to local parks for long walks.  It’s fun and good for both of us.  Last year in very early spring while it was still cold outside, I came home from one of those walks and was shocked to find a tick in Mickey’s fur .  I didn’t expect to worry about ticks for at least another month.

unwanted guestsDr. Suss of Bergen Veterinary Hospital saw Mickey right away and removed every tick.  She explained that because of the mild winter we were having (this was 2016) the tick population had increased tremendously.  Dr. Suss said that she advises all cat and dog owners to maintain flea and tick protection year round.

Dr. Suss made the point that rabbits as well as deer carry ticks.  Rabbits didn’t leave for the winter because it hasn’t been very cold  More rabbits mean more ticks she explained.

Mickey and I see deer and rabbits all the time when walking in Tenafly and Englewood. There are so many of them around here.  I took this picture of a deer across the street from my home.

2017 is another mild winter that will bring those unwanted guests, ticks, to Bergen County.  I know one thing – I’m prepared this year and you should be too.

If you have a child, call your pediatrician.  If you have a dog or cat, call your vet.  Take proper precautions so you don’t have ticks as unwanted guests in 2017.

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