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professional photography

Professional photography is a must when you are selling your house.  There is nothing more important in a marketing plan.  Nothing.

Homeowners ask about commission and technology when interviewing agents to list their home.  The National Association of Realtors agrees.  NAR surveys have these as the #1 and #2 seller concerns.

Almost all buyers – the last figure I saw was 95% – look for homes online.  Naturally sellers want to know what an agent will do to make their home visible in web searches. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

However, if what a buyer sees doesn’t excite them when they look at your home online, you’ve lost.  And lost big.  Being visible online doesn’t guarantee interest in your home.  professional photography

Professional photography is a must because the first thing a buyer sees is a picture of your house.  Not a video.  Not a wonderful write up.  A picture.  If that photo of your house grabs them so they want to look at more, you’ve won.  Half the battle is over because now you have a buyer getting motivated about your home.

So does commission matter?  Does your home’s internet placement matter?  Not if the first picture isn’t a “Wow!” and the rest just as good.

You have 1-2 seconds to capture a buyer with the first picture they see.  If they like it, they’ll click oprofessional photographyn to see more (assuming those photos are also excellent) and read your home’s details.

I take great pictures with my Nikon d7200 but I’m not a professional.  For every home I list, I hire a photographer.  It is that crucial to my homeowner’s success.  Video tours are nice but that comes after you’ve captured a buyer’s interest with knock your socks off photography.

Professional photography is a must always.  There is no substitute if you want to get the most buyers in to your home and achieve the highest price the market will bring.

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