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spring rains

Spring rains are coming.  Is your house ready?  Not sure what this means?  Why would anyone worry about it now?  I’ve got answers for you.

1st – It’s New Jersey.  Bergen County to be precise and spring means rain.  A good amount of it and in the form of drenching storms that can last days on end.  Yikes!

2nd – Spring is only 6 weeks away.  That’s right folks, it’s coming sooner than you think.  March 20th to be exact but to be safe, back that up to early March.

If your home is not prepared you will be a VERY unhappy camper.

spring rains

Remember when you bought your home?  The home inspection?  How worried you were about mold and water in the basement?  If you don’t get that house of yours ready now, you might end up with water in the basement and mold.

Here’s what you do –

Examine the exterior.  Look for vulnerable areas – where caulking has worn away, raw wood is exposed, clogged gutters etc.  Check for loose or missing roof tiles, flashing issues etc.  Get gutters and leaders cleaned out.  Check the slope of dirt around your house – rain should run away from and not into your foundation.

spring rains

I’m not an expert so I call in professionals – handyman, landscaper, roofer.  If your landscaper doesn’t do gutters, add in a gutter specialist.

Is your house ready for spring rains?  If not, it can cost you thousands and tons of aggravation.  The smart play is to spend a few hundred and avoid all this grief.  Be pro-active.  Don’t wait for trouble – eliminate it.

If you haven’t had trouble and think you’re safe, it can happen.

A Tenafly client who never had a problem like this for 23+ years ended up with a wet basement like the picture above due to clogged downspouts.  Don’t gamble with your house.

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