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Let’s talk about lockboxes.  Homeowners hate them.  Real estate agents love them.  They’re very important, however, when you are selling your home.  Use a lockbox to get more showings.  Agents need to spend time explaining their value to homeowners.  I believe that if they did, more homes for sale would use them.

lockboxI never used a lockbox 20 years or so ago because there was no accountability.  You used a round shaped plug key to opened up the front lid where the house key was located.

Here’s something that I always thought was incredible.  Agents put alarm codes inside with the key too.  Think about that.  It was impossible to know for certain who went into the house and when.

This allowed horrible behavior.  Doors were left unlocked, lights were left on, etc.  There was no way I’d put one of those lockboxes on my listings.  What I did do was to get a cell phone.

Back then cell phones were a trip.  They were expensive, big and heavy (they had to be drilled into your car or you carried them around in a small suitcase).  Reception was poor but they still solved the problem.  Agents could call me and I’d meet them at the house.  lockbox

There were times I felt like a ping pong ball going back and forth but I got my listings sold faster and for higher prices.  Why did this happen?  Because using that cell phone allowed me to not miss showings.

Lockboxes use Bluetooth technology today so they’re digitized.  Supra is the lockbox company the New Jersey MLS uses and they’re great.   lockbox

They record who enters, from what office, at what hour and minute.  You can even programm them to only allow entry over specific times of day.  This is full accountability and agent behavior has significantly improved.

Even when a seller wants me to accompany all showings I still use a lockbox with their permission.  It’s not in the listing but when I can’t be 2 places at once.  This comes in handy when an agent I know perosnally wants to show the house and it’s impossible for me to be there.

Homeowners want and need showings to win. You can’t sell your house if buyers’s can’t see it.  Using electronic lockboxes makes your home accessible and attractive to agents.  It’s a win – you get more showings which enhances your opportunities in the market.

Use a lockbox to get more showings.  You’ll sell your home quicker and for a better price.

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