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It’s spring and you want to sell your home.  You get rid of clutter, paint some rooms and add color to the yard with flowering plants.  You might even go further and stage the house.  Now you’re ready, right?  Not yet. You need to clean your windows.

The impact a house has when a buyer drives up to the curb is extremely important.  Equally important is how the house feels when a buyer steps inside. This is often where the sale is made.  windows

Of course when you stage a home, de-clutter etc. it’s a big help but if the house is not bright inside, everything is defeated.  Brightening a home is more than turning on lights and opening the blinds.  If you are selling your home, get your windows professionally cleaned.

During the fall and winter, windows develop a film of grime that blocks out sunlight.  Rain, snow, wind storms etc. coat your windows with dirt.  It happens so gradually that you never notice it.  But it does happen and you lose some sunlight.

When you put your home on the market for sale you can’t afford to make any mistakes.  Having windows professionally cleaned makes them sparkle when a home buyer drives up and shine with light that flows inside when that buyer walks in the door.

This is a very cost effective tool for every homeowner. It makes a big impact and usually costs a few hundred dollars at most.

There’s an added plus too – professionals use solvents that last through several rain storms.  What this does is to maintain clean windows for a much longer period of time than if you just went out yourself with a roll of paper towels and glass cleaner.  If you need the name of a good local window cleaner, let me know.

So if you’re selling your home call in a professional because you need to clean your windows!


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