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When you’re out looking at homes for sale in Englewood, you’re focused on house hunting.  You’re trying to find a house that will become a home for you. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?


You should also be looking at what the City of Englewood has to offer you.  There’s no better place to start than downtown and the Shoprite Supermarket.

Centrally located, the Shoprite is a  kaleidoscope of cultures that defines Englewood.  It’s easy living here to take it for granted – you’re surrounded by diversity.  But, the Shoprite is truly an amazing display of different cultures.

Just walk down any aisle.  You may be surprised to find the following foods – Caribbean/Jamaican, Hispanic, Indian, Korean, Kosher and Southern US.  There’s also a Halal meat section.

In the deli are all the staples you’d expect plus Cuban style sandwiches, French Quiches and Irish Shepard’s Pie. Next door in the baked goods Englewoodsection you’ll find Naan bread (Indian) and Croissants (French) as well as Kosher Cheese Cake and Challah.


You’ll also hear the following languages being spoken – English, Spanish, Hebrew, Farsi, French, German, Patois, Arabic, Tagalog, Chinese, Korean and Ashanti.

In addition to the Shoprite, there’s a large Korean H-Mart supermarket and Jerry’s of Englewood – an Italian grocery store that has simply amazing homemade Italian specialties.

Take a 5 minute walk downtown.  The diversity of Englewood will be all around you.

Consider the variety of restaurants there: Chinese, Caribbean, Colombian, French, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Jamaican, Japanese, Korean, Kosher, Lebanese, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Syrian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish.

There’s also your basics –  a bagel store, local delis, an American steakhouse, a diner and pizza parlor.

This kaleidoscope of cultures creates an ambience and energy that is uniquely Englewood.  People enjoyEnglewood each other’s backgrounds and celebrate each other’s festivals together.

Whether your family traces it’s roots back to the 1600’s or you’re a newcomer, the City of Englewood will embrace you.  Simply put – this is a very cool town!



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