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Apple PickingThere are so many things to do in the fall – it’s a beautiful time of year in Bergen County.  When my son was little, we always went apple picking.  It was a family tradition that we always looked forward to every year.

Have you ever gone apple picking?  If not, you have to do this at least once in your life.  There is simply nothing that equals the taste of a freshly picked apple right off the tree.  No matter which gourmet grocer you go to, it’s at best a faint shadow of the delicious taste you get with a freshly picked apple.

No matter where you live in Bergen County whether it’s Ridgewood, Tenafly, Paramus or Fort Lee, you’re within 1 hour of an apple orchard.  If you wish to drive further out and make a day of it, that’s another option too.

Dating back to the 1600’s but really getting into the retail business in the 1970’s is Demarest Farms  in Hillsdale.  An institution here for generations of families, you can pick apples, pumpkins and peaches.  Their home made goods are famous and you can’t beat those pies.  If you have children. this is the place to go in Bergen County.

A bit further out in the Hudson Valley of New York is Masker’s Orchards  This isn’t all that far away – less than 1 hour from Paramus.  Apple Picking

In Chester New Jersey (roughly 1 hour away) is Riamede Farm with over 30 varieties of apples.  Did you know there were so many to choose from?  I sure didn’t until I got there.  There’s also another choice in Chester that’s been in business over 100 years –Apple Picking Alstede Farms  

All of these are great places to visit and have a wonderful fall day.  If you have children, they absolutely love this.  So get out in the fresh air, pick some apples, have a hay ride and bring home fresh apple cider and home made donuts and pies too!


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