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Crabgrass There is nothing prettier than a thick green lawn around your house.  It’s a sense of pride for many Bergen County homeowners.  A lawn is also a source of extreme frustration for others.

You work hard at it.  You keep it watered, fertilize and mow it regularly.  Your lawn looks great until you get into the worst part of the summer for grass.  Scorching hot days in July and August can do a lawn in.  That’s when trouble really begins and your lovely green lawn morphs into a monster to deal with.

Almost overnight it seems there’s crabgrass everywhere.  The truth is that it was there all the time and once you see it, it’s really too late to get rid of it.

Crabgrass plants spew millions of seeds.  No matter what you do, it’s impossible to eliminate all of them.  Crabgrass seeds are always in the ground.  The best way to stop crabgrass is early in the spring with a preemergent treatment.  Pesticides are often used but you can fight crabgrass with natural products too.


Mowing ruins things if not done correctly.  Lawns are mowed too low very often in summer.  Even if things were fine in the spring, once it gets hot you must raise your lawn mower blade.  Over watering or watering your lawn at the wrong time of day always creates havoc.

Crabgrass and other problems happen when grass is weak and vulnerable.  The bottom line is that if you use the right fertilizer and preemergent weed controls, water correctly and don’t mow too low you will have a beautiful, thick and healthy green lawn.

When I bought a Tenafly home, the lawn and shrubs were a mess.  With the help of local professionals we were able to create gorgeous landscaped grounds.  WCrabgrasshether you’re in Tenafly, Bergenfield, Teaneck, Englewood or anywhere in Bergen County, you can have a gorgeous lawn too!

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