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Selling Your Home

Selling your home?  Don’t List it today.

You’ve decided to move.  You’ve waited for spring.  It’s April 1st, spring is here so you put your home on the market for sale.  And nothing happens.  What’s wrong?  Is this an April Fool’s nightmare?  Not really but it is a marketing mistake.

Timing is important.  Putting your home on the market at the wrong moment can have devastating effects that reduce your home’s value. The first step you take into the real estate market must be absolutely perfect.  A big part of that is When.

This weekend is the start of Passover and Easter Sunday.  Passover ends at sundown on Saturday the 11th,  What comes up on the 15th?  Tax Day.  According to media reports, 1/4 to 1/3 of us wait until the last 2 weeks to do our taxes.  Selling Your Home

Let’s look at this logically – two major religious holidays and 25% or more of us are busy doing tax returns.  Is this an ideal time to sell your home?.

Here’s the good news.  The weekend after April 15th is terrific because all those renters looking at how much they paid to the IRS are often highly motivated to get the tax advantage of a mortgage.

Here’s what I recommend to homeowners who want to sell now:

List your home with me today as an office exclusive for marketing purposes only.  No one sees your home.  I get the staging, photography, floor plan, mailing pieces etc.done now.  Then we “go public” into the MLS with everything in place and achieve the best positive momentum. That’s selling your home timed right in April.


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