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guttersHere’s a quick maintenance tip on gutters.

It’s winter – take a look at this picture.  This could be your home if you haven’t cleaned out your gutters by now.  This is far from a good situation.

It may not be too late – take advantage of the current above freezing temperatures.  Get your gutters cleaned immediately if you haven’t done so already.  Cleaned out gutters, leaders and downspouts avoid ice dams.  Ice dams not only ruin roofs.  They can create interior leaks and structural damage too.

The damage you see in these pictures is real. Believe me this is not unusual.  Frozen gutters like this happen all the time because people simply don’t think about gutter maintenance.

The solution is easy and inexpensive.  Hire a professional to clean your gutters, leaderhome maintenance tips and downspouts.  Doing this is often less than $300.

Winter Woes

Clogged gutters are a menace in winter.  This is because they retain water and then freeze.  As a result, the freezing water overflows the gutter and backs up under your roof tiles.  Frozen gutters are so heavy that they can pull away from a wall or fall off.  Backed up freezing water lifts your roof tiles as an ice dam.  When it melts on exposed wood, a leak is created into your home.  Additionally this can even set you up for a mold problem inside your walls.  Do the math.  Does it make sense to not spend a few hundred dollars now and risk thousands later?

Several years ago we had an extremely harsh winter in the Mid-Atlantic and North East of the US.  Homeowners who did not clean out their gutters had a very rude awakening.

It was not rare to sit down in the dining room for a meal only to be showered by a ceiling leak.  This came from an ice dam.  It happened often during that harsh winter to homes with clogged gutters.  Because the winter was so harsh, it was too cold to do more than a temporary fix.  As a result, there were plenty of major repairs and new roofs happening that spring.

Don’t delay on this – you can’t afford to wait because freezing temperatures with snow and ice are only a few weeks away.

If you need help in finding someone to clean your gutters, call or text me on my cell phone at 201-741-8490 or just send me an email at

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