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December holidays   Our December holidays are upon us.  The Jewish Festival of Lights, Hanukkah, begins on the night of the 16th. Hanukkah lasts for 8 days and ends on the 24th, Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve is followed by Christmas Day.  The day after Christmas starts the Kwanzaa celebration of the 7 Principles.  And, of course, we have New Year’s Eve.  December holidays

In Bergen County we celebrate all 3 major holidays and end the year by going out or with a party at a friend’s home.  There are parties and activities throughout December; it seems that every weekend something major is going on.

Concerts and theatrical productions are held throughout Bergen County in churches and synagogues as well as a packed scheduled at our live theater, the Bergen Performing Arts Center or as we call it, Bergen Pac.

To keep oDecember holidaysn top of everything going on, here are some suggestions –

  • Your Church or Synagogue
  • Town websites


You may be quite surprised at all the musical events that are hosted by houses of worship and religiously based organizations.  Some are so beautiful that people come from far distances.  In Englewood, the 1st Presbyterian Church is renowned for it’s musical services and the Jewish Y in The Township of Washington hosts a special Hanukkah musical event for children.

There are also holiday themed plays for children in Allendale at the Saddle River Youth Theater  Live local theater is big in Bergen County.

Kwanzaa celebrations are filled with music and dance.  You can find them at various churches, community centers and even hosted by the County Government.  Bergen County hosts a variety of cultural events throughout the year to celebrate the diversity that define us here in Bergen County.

No matter your age or background, December holidays are filled with musical services and events that make this time of year especially wonderful.  Check it out – there’s bound to be something fun for you!


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