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snowblowerYou can feel it in the wind – it’s starting to get cold.  Not too cold quite yet but cool enough to let you know that winter weather is on it’s way.  In Bergen County that means snow and we get a good amount of it.  Get your snowblower and shovels ready today!

Our average snowfall is around 30 inches but last year we had more than double for a near record 65.6 inches in Tenafly and the surrounding towns of  Bergenfield, Cresskill, Englewood and Teaneck.  Elsewhere in Bergen County it was a little plus or minus that.

Shoveling even 30 inches takes effort.  Life can be much better with a snow blower.  Those wonderful machines make clearing out your driveway and walks faster and easier than shoveling.  Snow blowers are great but like any machine they need care and maintenance.  snowblower

If you’re like most people, you’re in denial.  You parked your snow blower in the back of the garage last year and forgot it.  In a few weeks, this is going to happen to you –

One day soon the weather man will tell you that this huge pile of frozen air is about to descend on you with tons of snow.  Like thousands of other Bergen County residents you panic.  Oh no!  I have to get my snow blower to the mechanic before the snow starts!  OR you do nothing, wait for the snow, get the machine out of the garage, try to turn it on but it won’t.  Either way you end up standing in line at the repair shop only to hear it will be ready next week…..

There is a better way – take your snow blower to the mechanic now.  If you need to buy one, get it now.  Don’t wait until they’re all sold out later.  Waiting until it’s too late means you’ll be shoveling snow or wading through it in a few weeks.  Avoid the headache, take care of this now.  And if you need help, get a landscaper to add you to his list now.


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