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dwellr  One of the most powerful and useful resources for community information is the US Census Bureau.  The amount of information you’ll find there is, to be frank, at times overwhelming.  Whether you’re buying a home, selling a home or just plain curious, the US Census Bureau has statistics and data that is quite helpful and also interesting.

This free resource is where most paid services get their data.  So why not check it out yourself?  If you’re buying a home I know that you have loads of questions about our Bergen County towns.  You want to know about the towns, the schools, the commute.  I’m often asked about the number of young families with children, average incomes, age breakdown, how many own rather than rent and so many other questions.

If you’re selling a home and moving out of state, you have even more questions and concerns about the various locations you’re considering.  It’s not at all unusual for a current homeowner moving out of state to want to do their own preliminary research even if it’s a corporate relocation where relocation specialists will be helping you.

The US Census Bureau website has a very useful tool for this which they are just dwellrdeveloping called Quick Facts.  There is also the free new mobile app called Dwellr which you can download from their website.  Dwellr is based on the American Community Survey and is intended to help people identify where they want to live based on data.

Of course finding the right town for you and your family is more than just demographic data but what the U.S. Census and Dwellr offer you is certainly a great help.



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