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plant bulbs After the December holidays, winter sets in and weeks of cold, snow and ice follow.  January, for those of us who love football, isn’t too bad because we have NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl to spice up life.  But northern New Jersey, like the rest of the northeast, has it’s worst winter weather usually from mid January through early March.

plant bulbs

With many snow storms and freezing rain, Bergen County residents can’t wait for spring.  Owning a Bergen County home means shoveling, buying bags of ice melt and bundling up against those frigid arctic blasts of ice cold air pouring down on us from Canada.  No wonder we can’t wait for spring and what means spring more than flowers sprouting up from the ground?

Among the most beautiful of early spring flowers are bulb plants from tulips to daffodils; they make us smile and tell us that yes, winter’s over and spring is arriving.

Fall is the right time to plant bulbs for spring.  Planting them too early turns them to mush; planting too late doesn’t work either.  You want to get them planted before the ground freezes and if you wait too long to do it, you could freeze too!  October is here so get those bulbs planted now before the cold days of November.

Planting bulbsBulb Planter is easy, takes a few hours and isn’t terribly expensive.  Bulbs can produce flowers for years depending on what you plant.

 Using the right tools to plant bulbs helps to make your life easier  too.  Get yourself a bulb planter  and ask your local nursery for advice on how to prepare the soil. A Rutgers University article is a great source of information.  It tells you everything you need to know.  With a few tools and a little effort you will create a wonderful spring display of beautiful flowers.

plant bulbs






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