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moving with childrenMoving with children can be challenging. I wrote this article to help make it better for you and your children.

There’s nothing worse for a parent being transferred than an upset child who does not want to leave home. It’s not unusual to see some regression.  This is because young children are often leaving the only home they’ve known.  Older children are leaving friendships they’ve had for years.

No matter how old or young, a move is as major an event in your child’s life as it is in yours. It can also be an adventure.  What works best is to involve the children as much as you can.  The more they participate the better they will feel – make it a family project.

I’ve put children in touch with kids at their new school through the web – this is a great way to make them feel at ease. Local websites help too for children who are old enough to appreciate this.  In some cases I’ve actually taken pictures of their new house, school, neighborhood, town pool, ball field, etc. for them.moving with children

It can be fun for a child to pick out the color you’ll paint their new bedroom.  In addition it can be traumatic for them to see their things and the house packed up and carted away.  It all depends on what you feel is right for your family.

Making your move safe means having younger children elsewhere with a relative/friend or managed by a babysitter.  If they get underfoot accidents may happen. Do they or anyone in the family need medication?  Have a 1 month supply and First Aid Kit with you.

If your child or anyone else in the family is under a doctor’s supervision, make sure you have doctors lined up in your new location and all prescriptions registered with a new local pharmacy.

moving with childrenMoving with children does not have to be negative.  With patience and the proper parental guidance, your move can be a happy and exciting family event.

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