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water your lawnWater your lawn right for a thick green lawn all season.  Most of us just don’t know how to do this.  Admit it, don’t you want to scream when your lawn isn’t what it should be?

It’s July, the sun is out, the heat is on and your lawn looks a bit parched.  You’ve just come home from work so what do you do?  You pull out the hose or turn on the sprinklers and get that lawn the water it needs, right?  Wrong.

Taking care of a lawn is not too complicated but it’s not that simple either.  Grass is a plant.  Water it at that the wrong time of day and it’s like watering a potted plant too much – you’ll kill it. water your lawn

Drive down any suburban street in Bergen County around dinner time and you’ll hear the hiss of lawn sprinklers going full tilt.  Good intentions but always a mistake.

Why is this such a bad idea?  Because watering a lawn at the wrong time of day can kill it.  Scotts advises that a lawn should only be watered between 6 and 10 am to keep it well hydrated and healthy.

Watering a lawn mid day cooks it in the sun.  Watering at the end of the day, early evening or in the night invites in mildew and fungus. Do this often enough and you’ll end up with a dead or dying lawn.

Watering it too little is also a problem.  The lawn becomes stressed, weak and vulnerable to pests such as grubs that destroy it.

water your lawn On the Scotts website under Lawn Library you’ll find a lot of great information.  A good landscaper or local nursery can also be an excellent source of guidance.  The National Association of Realtors has a website for consumers, HouseLogic , with tons of excellent information on caring for your home including lawn care.

Water your lawn right all season long to get great results.


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