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Leonia has been celebrating the 4th of July with a carnival at Overpeck County Park for years.  It is a very popular event that goes on for several days.  There are all sorts of rides, food stands and on the 4th of July what else?  Fireworks!

4th of July4th of July

This year I went with my family and we all had a lot of fun.  It brought back memories of going to carnivals as a child with my parents, siblings and cousins.  No matter how sophisticated our world becomes technologically, nothing can beat a good old fashioned summer carnival on the 4th of July.

My cousin’s 18 month old granddaughter was so excited with all the lights and activity.  The place was filled with families and children.  I have to compliment the Leonia Police Department.  They kept everything moving along nicely going in and coming out.

There had to be thousands of people there but the lines were manageable.  Overpeck Park  is a big space; there was more than enough room for everyone and the vendors did a great job.  Considering the crowd they were able to accommodate everyone in a reasonable amount of time.

Cotton candy, ice slushes in nearly every imaginable carnival color, a house of fun, carousel, wild rides from multi story drops to flying through the summer air, all sorts of games of chance from water guns to ping pong balls trying to land in that gold fish bowl – you name it, they had it plus an awesome display of fireworks at 9 pm.

If you’re near Leonia NJ next year around the Fourth of July be sure to check out the carnival in Leonia at Overpeck Park.  You’ll be glad you did.4th of July  It’s a teriffic way to spend the 4th with your family.  Don’t forget to get some hot dogs and cotton candy too!

4th of July

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