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mortgageBuying a home in Tenafly, Englewood, Cresskill, Teaneck or anywhere in Bergen County?  I bet no one has talked to you about mortgage disasters and how to avoid them.

Like everyone else, I’m sure you’ve been to a website where you’re told you can figure it all out yourself.  Downloaded a mortgage calculator that promises Nirvana too I bet.

Or you’ve met Mr. Happy Banker.  He doesn’t ask you for much.  Not a pain in the neck like that other annoying person who wanted all sorts of paperwork right away.  After all, you’re just starting.  No need to get all that involved or tied up.  Best of all, Mr. Happy Banker gets you a pre-approval in a matter of minutes.  Hmm………….

What’s the problem?  What’s wrong with this picture?  Plenty.  Keeping you stroked to get your business is not how you sail the mortgage waters to success.  There is no mortgage calculator or Happy Banker that can tell you what you can afford in a mortgage on a house.

It’s all about the marketing – it’s not about your needs.  It’s all about making you feel like you’re in control so you give them your business and this creates a real estate nightmare.  mortgage

Buyers want transparency and you’re right.  There is no available information I should not give you.  But it works 2 ways and it’s that 2nd way, where you have to be fully transparent with your banker and agent, that messes things up for you.  Not for me, not for the banker but for you.

It’s not your fault.  Marketing gurus led you down the wrong path.  How would you know?  You don’t buy and sell homes every week.  But now you know this is a fraud on YOU.

Let’s do it right.  Let’s protect you fully.  Meet with a banker of integrity with high professional standards.  That banker will not only ask you for all those annoying docs but will also spend the time to teach you the full mortgage process completely.

Now you will know what you can afford comfortably and the mortgage process. Now you’re operating with knowledge and knowledge is power.  Who’s really in control now?  You.  Not the system – you and that’s right where I want you to be.





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