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What on earth is this thing called a downspout extension?  downspout extensionPossibly the best $8.88 you’ll spend on your home.

Last week we had rain.  Oh boy did we have rain.  Multiple inches of rain in one day.  In fact, across the Hudson River in New York City where rain is measured at Central Park they had it at 5 inches in one day.  That’s an awful lot of rain.

So for those of you who tend to have damp basements this meant, in many cases, water in the basement or a finished basement that smelled like a high school locker room.

So what is this thing?  It’s a downspout extension.  I can’t count the number of homes I see in Bergen County everywhere from Tenafly to Ridgewood to Montvale to Rutherford that have water pouring into their foundation from their downspouts.  A downspout extension takes that rainwater away from your foundation: downspout extension


I found this on both the Lowes and Home Depot websites. If you ever played with Lego or K’Nex you’ll be able to do this in about 5 minutes.  If you haven’t it’s literally a snap.

For less than $10 you can do yourself and your home a lot of good.  Keeping water away from your home is essential.  If you have downspouts pouring water into your home’s foundation, get a downspout extension today!

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