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house We’ve had a really rough winter with record amounts of snow, ice and freezing temperatures.  Our unusually harsh winter has taken it’s toll on houses so it’s more important than ever to check your home’s exterior.

When was the last time you checked the outside of your house?  We don’t typically.

Inside we paint, update, etc. over the years.  Most of us ignore the outside of our house.  It’s not a priority the way a new stainless steel appliance is.  Because we don’t potential problems are missed.  As a result, we end up with expensive fixes.

I always go to home inspections with my buyers.  Those inspections have taught me and my buyers a lot about caring for a home.

Lately home inspectors are finding caulking and mortar problems on windows, steps and foundation openings, ice melt damage to driveways and walks, missing or damaged roof shingles, filthy gutters and missing or broken downspouts.

Do a good visual inspection of your home’s exterior at least every fall and spring.  Be sure to note areas where caulk is needed (like windows), look for missing mortar/loose bricks, foundation openings that aren’t sealed tight (wires/cables coming into the house, outdoor faucet etc.), damaged/missing roof shingles and check leaders and gutters.

Exposed wood is another item – see about it’s condition.  That goes for wood decks, screened porches etc.

Maintaining your home’s exterior is important.  Less than $2 worth of caulk will literally save you thousands in future repair bills.  Let me explain why with one example:

At a home inspection of an Oradell house, the electrical panel box had rust inside.  Because the seller did not maintain the caulk around the electrical line coming into the box, rain poured into it.  This was both unsafe and expensive.  It cost at least $1,500.00 to fix.

Check your home’s exterior today and if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, hire a professional.  Get in touch with me  if you need the name of a professional.


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