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outsourcing Beware legal and title outsourcing – it’s here in Bergen County and in my opinion it’s getting worse.

Some real estate attorneys are outsourcing their work to title companies. This is a huge problem in my view.

They don’t tell you they’re doing this but they do quote lower fees.  As a result, you hire that attorney.  He or she outsources work to a title company.  It gets worse.  That title company outsources to an overseas company.  You have no idea this is happening.  You think you’re paying an attorney to do the work.

Why is this bad if the legal and title costs are less?  Because outsourcing can be very dangerous.

It’s critical when buying a home that you have clear title and a correctly prepared deed.  You do not want anything to be rubber stamped.  I only recommend attorneys who read everything.  Why is this important?

Your lawyer must make sure the title work on the home you’re buying is clear – not just your purchase but title for all previous sales. 

Every year a great North Carolina Personal Injury lawyer I know tells me that they’ve found title errors which they’ve corrected.  The title errors come from previous sales years ago.

Do you think I would hear this from an attorney who farms out their work to a title company?  Do you want your legal protections rubber stamped?

It’s gotten worse.  Some title companies are outsourcing their own work so the “personal service” you expect from your attorney can be several layers outsourced.outsourcing

When you hire a real estate attorney ask whether or not that attorney is doing the work themselves or outsourcing it.  We use attorneys in Bergen County to buy and sell homes so make sure you hire an attorney who works for you.

Because buying a house is expensive customers look for ways to cut costs.  This is also true for homeowners who are selling their home.  As a result, real estate attorneys who charge less are attractive.  Now you know that less expensive is not always a good idea.

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