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snow_flake_clip_art_9242Part of owning a Bergen County home is taking care of the grounds.  To most people that means cutting the lawn and trimming bushes.  In the winter months it means dealing with the inevitable gifts we get from Mother Nature in the form of snow and ice.  That means getting out the snow blower and shovels.

While temperatures are warm now, few of us are thinking about winter but now is exactly the time of year when you should.  If you wait until a storm is coming, you might be in big trouble so here’s my best SMALL

Take your snow blower in for an annual tune up this week.  A good snow blower is an expensive tool costing hundreds of dollars.  You want to keep it in the best of shape so it serves you well for years to come.  Having a snow blower that does not work properlyt is no fun at all.

You also needPenquin with Snow Shovel to consider what type of snow melt to use.  Go to a local nursery or hardware store for advice on that and to find out when their shipment comes in. If you need a new snow shovel, ask them about when those come in too.  Don’t think about ordering through the web for this – shovels today come in all shapes and sizes.  You want to be sure to get the one that’s best for you and your back.

When a storm hits, everything sells out right away.  Get prepared today so getting rid of the snow in a few months is a project you’re ready to handle.

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