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Here is what caught my eye in the news:  Cresskill is fining people for lightning.  I am not kidding.  It’s not a joke.  This can cost you a $1,000 fine too.  It sounds like Big Brother doesn’t it?  Well actually this is a great program.

Cresskill is leading the way on this and it’s a very good program.  Haven’t you seen people who wave you off when you say it’s time to get out of the water, off the baseball field, off the golf course because lightning is coming?  Isn’t that pretty irresponsible?  Did any of those folks consider that not only are they putting themselves at risk but they’re also putting first responders at risk who would come to their aid in the middle of a lightning storm?

I remember as a child how disappointed I was one summer.  We went to a friend’s home one very hot day.  They invited everyone over to jump into their new in ground pool  I happily dove in only to be yanked out by my mother a short while later because a storm was coming.  It was absolutely no fun.  However when thunder and lightning arrived a short while later it sure made sense.

Amazingly, not every parent and every person is so responsible.  People will stay in a pool, out in a park, on a golf course until the last minute.  You don’t always notice a change in the weather sometimes too.

Because of this, Cresskill hired a company last February to install a lightning warning system where most residents would be outdoors.  They are enforcing it with a hefty fine of up to $1,000 if you ignore the warning.  You can also be irrevocably banished from Cresskill Recreation activities.  The ordinance for this was passed last night unanimously.

Warning locations are at the Fire House, Community Center, at both high school fields, Merritt Field and the Edward H. Bryan Elementary School.

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