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mother's dayMother’s Day is a major holiday.  With every major holiday comes the following question for home sellers:  Should I have an open house on Sunday?  The answer is never simple.  Mother’s Day is no different.

While you most definitely will not have the turn out you would on a non holiday weekend, the people who do come will be motivated to buy a house.  It’s like a bad weather Sunday.  Less people come when it rains.  However those who do come are truly looking for a home to buy.

So the answer is that you’ll have fewer people but better prospects for you as a homeowner.  It also depends on the market.  In 2009 when the real estate market was suffering, open houses on holidays were frankly quite unsuccessful.  Today the real estate market in Bergen County is very strong.  As a result, your chances for having a successful open house on a holiday are good.

What it comes down to is how aggressive a homeowner wants to be and what the homeowner’s plans are that day.  If the family is coming for dinner, an open house that afternoon is impossible.

Sunday open houses on Mother’s Day are usually few in number.  Because of this if you want to skip this Sunday, I don’t believe it will hurt you.  Buyers don’t come out to look at houses if there’s not much to see.  So with few open houses on Mother’s Day there isn’t much opportunity for you.

Mother’s Day is very special but there are many other holidays too.  Because every holiday is different you really have to look at each holiday weekend individually.  For example, Thanksgiving Sunday can have excellent turnouts.  Who would have expected that?  I guess it’s cabin fever.  After being inundated with family, you’re finally free.  While you can’t shop at the malls on Sunday, you can shop for a house.

The bottom line is that Mother’s Day Sunday is not a great open house weekend but other holiday Sundays can be great.

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