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The City of Englewood has one of the most dynamic business districts in Bergen County.  It is very extensive with a large number of retail stores, restaurants and the Bergen County Performing Arts Center – a live theater with major entertainers.

You don’t have to own an Englewood home to know about its business district.  People come to the City of Englewood from all over Bergen County to visit it’s business district.  When the weather is nice, you’ll see loads of people walking up and down Palisade Avenue both night and day.  It’s a high profile “in spot” in Bergen County to see and be seen.

Parking downtown is by parking meter.  If you forget to bring quarters with your for the parking meters, Englewood has a solution – you just need your smart phone.

Englewood has the Parkmobile system so you can park, scan and go as they say. Parkmobile works on the Iphone, Android, Windows 7 and Blackberry smart phones.  It even alerts you before your meter runs out so you can avoid a parking ticket.

Whether you own an Englewood home or are just a local guest, you can smart phone your parking and enjoy everything Englewood has to offer along Palisade Avenue.


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