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Saturday is your lucky day if you own a home in Englewood or are a resident and have a cat or dog.  The City of Englewood Health Department is having a free Rabies Clinic.  This is a great opportunity for Englewood pet owners because they get their pets vaccinated against rabies for free.  The free clinic runs from 11 am through 1 pm this coming Saturday, February 23rd.  Because so many people will come with their pets, they’re also set up to get your dog and cat licensed then too.

What could be easier for you?  This is a great time saver for pet owners and it certainly helps your budget.  They timed it perfectly because it comes just before the March 1st deadline to license your pets.  If your pet is neutered or spayed you get a discount on licensing fees too.

License fees are $8 for dogs and $6.00 for cats if they are neutered or spayed.  License fees are higher at $12 for dogs and $11 for cats for non neutered and spayed animals.  If your pet is exempt from vaccinations, you need to bring a note from your vet on this.

The City of Englewood Health Department is located at 73 South Van Brunt Street.  The rabies clinic is actually at the Municipal Court Building next door – you’ll see signs telling you where to go.  Once vaccinated, then you walk next door to the Health Department to get licensed.  For more information, you can call them at 201-568-3450.  Their hours are from 9 am through 5 pm from Monday through Friday.  If your dog or cat needs a booster shot you must bring proof of prior rabies vaccinations with you.

Don’t forget – Englewood’s free rabies clinic is this Saturday from 11-1.  You you must use a pet carrier so don’t forget and we also recommend not feeding your dog  or cat right before the shot, as they might have some nausea with the shot.  This is just another of a long list of reasons why owning a home in the City of Englewood brings you so many added benefits.

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