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If your house made it through Hurricane Sandy without getting hit by a tree or limb, you have to consider yourself pretty lucky.  By now your lights are on, you have heat and things are getting back to normal for most Bergen County homes.  You’ve spent part of the last 2 weeks cleaning up storm debris.  It’s on your lawn, driveway and walks,  It’s also in your gutters.  Sandy can still do more damage to your home this winter.

Even though Sandy did not crash a tree through your roof, it created other problems.  The hurricane dumped loads of debris into your gutters and that is a big deal.   A clogged gutter will wreak havoc on your home.  It can cause tremendous damage this winter.  Because we are so focused on what we can easily see, it’s easy to overlook this.  However It is critically important to make sure your gutters are clean.  Downspouts can get clogged too and need to be cleared out before the winter cold.  Gutters and leaders are so very important and so often forgotten.

Well maintained gutters and downspouts add years to the life of your roof.  They stop water from pouring down your exterior walls.  Clean gutters avoid ice dam leaks going through ceilings inside your Bergen County home.  During a severe storm people in towns like Tenafly Englewood Teaneck or Ridgewood with gorgeous towering trees are rightfully worried that one of those trees might fall on their house but Bergen County homeowners should be just as worried about clogged gutters.

As I said, it’s not a glamorous topic but it’s critically important.  Check those gutters today or you’ll be sorry when winter comes.  You sure don’t want the extra debris in your gutters from Sandy to ruin your home.

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