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Space ShuttleChildren learn about space at the Buehler Challenger and Science Center

Bergen County Community College is a terrific 2 year college located in Paramus NJ.  Because of this, BCC is the launching pad for students to go on to a 4 year degree.  It’s not usually thought of as a launching pad for a space trip.

Go to the main campus area of BCC’s grounds.  Take a careful look because you’re in for a surprise.  You will discover the Buehler Challenger and Space Center where simulators take children on missions to space.

Ask a typical Paramus homeowner for directions to the space center.  I bet they have no idea.  They might even think you were crazy.  BCC students are often oblivious to it too.  This is because no one expects an international space station simulator right here in Bergen County.

We have it here however.  As a result, children have a unique opportunity to learn about space science.  They see what it’s like to be an astronaut aboard a shuttle flying in space. They also do experiments and learn about space travel and the space station.

The Buehler Challenger and Science Center is the 21st such facility built to continue the mission of the Challenger Spacecraft,  The Challenger exploded on January 28, 1986 moments after taking off killing the entire crew.  Their families wanted to continue the mission of the Challenger shuttle through Buehler Challenger and Science CenterChallenger Learning Centers.. The goal of these science centers has 2 primary aims:

  • To inspire and excite children about the exploration of space.
  • To spark an interest in and a love of science, technology and math.

Bergen County is so very lucky to have it’s own Challenger Science Center.  The Buehler Challenger and Science Center gives us a fabulous resource for our children offering programs from Pre K through the 8th grade.  Consequently this is just one more reason why Bergen County is a great place to live.

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