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Tenafly NJ has a rich heritage.  Originally settled by the Dutch who came here to farm the land in the 1600’s, Tenafly has always been a town where tulips are important.  The Dutch settlers created extensive farms and mills and many of those farmers helped supply General George Washington’s army when they were at Fort Lee on their famous retreat across New Jersey.

Today tulips are a prominent plant in the town gardens reflecting this history.  Tenafly’s seal even has a windmill depicted on it owing to our Dutch forefathers.  Tulips, after all, come from Holland and September is the month for tulip bulb planting.   If you want beautiful tulips to bloom in the spring, you better get those bulbs planted now.

There are nurseries throughout Bergen County so whether you own a Tenafly home or a Cresskill home or anywhere else, you are near a local nursery where  there is on the spot advice and guidance.  If you have a family with children, get them involved – bulb planting and then watching the beautiful results in the spring is a great family activity.

I remember when we moved to Bergen County.  One of the first things my mother did that fall was to take all of us children to a nursery where we picked out our own bulbs to plant that afernoon.  I remember how much fun it was feeling “grown up” and working with mom in the garden.  That spring we were all so proud of our blooming tulips.  Years later when I bought my Tenafly home, tulips were again part of my garden.

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