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bird rescueBaby birds and bird rescue in general – do you know how to do it?

Baby birds sometimes don’t make it on their first flight.  Sometimes a baby bird tries to spread it’s wings and ends up on the ground.  If you leave it alone, very often the mother takes it back to the nest.  But, there are times when the baby bird can’t get back to the nest.  Well meaning people often touch it or move it – once you do that, the mother will never return.

If you own a home in Bergen County whether it’s a Tenafly home or a Bergenfield home or elsewhere, eventually you’re bound to have this experience.

A few years ago I was in Cresskill and noticed a bird in distress.  It was a dove who was hurt and couldn’t get off the ground.  Last week a friend of mine saw children holding a baby bird that had fallen from it’s nest.  Last year I found an injured bird in the yard of a Teaneck home.  It’s not all that unusual.  What do you do?  How do you do a bird rescue?

I called up the Tenafly Nature Center and was advised to get in touch with The Raptor Trust.   The Raptor Trust is a bird rehabilitation center and considered one of the best in the US.  The folks at the Raptor Trust were great.  They told me how to take the bird to their local contact – the Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital – where the bird would be cared for and transported to them.

If you find a baby bird out on your lawn in Bergen County, don’t touch it or move it.  Call up the The Raptor Trust and they’ll tell you what to do.  For any bird rescue whether it’s a baby or an adult, make sure you always call the Raptor Trust.

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