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Town pools beat the heat in Bergen County right in your own backyard.  Here’s how:

Summer weather is upon us now that the season is in full swing.  Those hot steamy days we have in Bergen County can be easily handled right in town or nearby. Take a trip to your local swim club where you can cool off and have fun.

No matter where you live in Bergen County, there’s bound to be a public swim club in your town or one next to you.  As a result, you can beat the heat in Bergen County minutes from your home.

Public swim clubs – also known as town pools – are a tradition in Bergen County.  They allow local residents to get to know each other and form lifelong friendships.  They’re not only a place where your children can enjoy the summer with friends and find new ones, they’re an outlet for all that energy children have. No problem getting the kids to sleep after a day at the pool!

Town pools are very popular.  As a result, some towns have waiting lists so it’s really smart to get on board with your application early in the year.  Most town pools have openings today but I advise you to check this out.  Call your municipal hall to find out how you can join your town pool.  It’s still not too late to join the fun at your municipal pool in most places.

Town pools are much more than a way to beat the heat in Bergen County.  They are a social meeting place, a fun and healthy environment for everyone and a positive activity for children.  As a result, town pools play a very important role in the fabric of a town.

If you haven’t joined your town pool and don’t know how contact me today.

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  1. Bergen County Limo

    We have a town pool here in Fair Lawn NJ, it is in fact a pleasant place where many come to cool off during the summer. Past couple of summers we had trouble with cleaning/maintenance, but the town always managed to open for the summer. When it comes to these types of services in Bergen County the towns do well to accommodate the residents.