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motorcycleSun’s out, temperature’s up and you want a motorcycle or the new graco fastaction fold click stroller.  It’s that time of year and I am seeing more and more motorcycles buzzing about Bergen County.  Hearing the road of a motorcycle is most definitely a sign of spring and summer.

Cycle riding comes in all forms from the most powerful to one step above a pedal bike.  It goes from Harley Davidson Hogs to electric mini bikes.  Because motorcycles are very popular in Bergen County you see them wherever you go here.  I noticed people riding their motorcycles through Tenafly and Englewood this week.  I have to tell you that what I saw was pretty scary.

One cycle was going down Railroad Avenue in Tenafly past my office.  He was really going way too fast and frightened pedestrians.  There was a near wipe out by another driver in Englewood.  He was on Engle Street making a left turn onto Hudson Avenue.  Both drivers did not have good driving skills or awareness.  Because of this they almost caused serious trouble.  There is a way to avoid problems and we have the solution in Bergen County.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is a wonderful organization for all motorcycle enthusiasts.  It has excellent classes from the motorcyclebeginner to the experienced motorcycle driver.  Because the MSF is focused on safety and enjoyment, this non profit organization is sponsored by the major motorcycle companies in the world.  As a result, what they have  is outstanding.  Because safety is a primary goal all drivers need to take their classes.

Bergen County has 3 locations where courses are available.  Classes are held in Elmwood Park, Saddle Brook and Teaneck.  They recommend that drivers continue to take lessons the entire time they’re driving these bikes.  Lifelong learning is highly advised and promoted.  There are online courses too which makes things convenient.

Check out the Motorcycle Safety Foundation rider course opportunities if you’re thinking about getting a motorcycle.  It’s important for a new motorcyclerider to start right.  Experienced riders or those dusting off the bike in their garage need MSF courses too.  You want to keep your skills sharp because that helps you drive safely and have even more fun.

Accidents do happen but they don’t have to happen to you.  Because of what you learn in MSF courses, you will enjoy your motorcycle for as long as you have it safely.

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