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Cresskill Helps It’s Senior Citizens Repair Their Homes

Are you a senior citizen?  Do you own and live in your Cresskill home?  Is your income low?  Do you need a new roof?  Does your plumbing need work?  Does your central air conditioning need to be recharged?  Is it time to paint the exterior?  If you fit this profile, the Borough Government has a program for you!

On low fixed or limited incomes, senior citizen homeowners simply can’t afford to make the house repairs they need.  It is for many seniors an unfortunate fact of life.  They can barely make ends meet often if not all the time.  The Cresskill Housing Rehabilitation Program is the solution for this problem.

The application form shows you the income levels that qualify and if you do, this is a fabulous opportunity.  The Cresskill Housing Rehabilitation Program gives qualified seniors who own and live in their Cresskill home interest free loans  for house repairs that are repaid only when the house is sold.  That’s right – 0% interest and no monthly bills!

Don’t you wish more towns helped their senior homeowners the way this town does?  Cresskill homes are always in demand because it’s a great place to live.  Here’s just another reason why.

Cresskill helps it’s senior citizens because this is a close knit community.  People form lifelong friendships here.  It’s basically a small town with a big heart.  It’s not at all unusual to see children who grew up here come back as adults. This town is truly one of the jewels of Bergen County.


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