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Dumont NJ Sets Itself Apart Using Video Promotion

If you want to know about a location, a great place to go is a town’s website.  While most towns have plenty of information there for you, none have used video technology to promote themselves the way you’ll see it done on Dumont’s website.

Dumont has an entire section on it’s site devoted to a series of videos promoting all that Dumont has to offer.   If you go to the Dumont home page you’ll find Welcome to Dumont which takes you to their community videos.  Six excellent video presentations are there for you – Welcome, Quality of Life, Education, Real Estate & Relocation, Parks & Recreation and Attractions.  By the time you’re done viewing all six videos, you have a fabulous view of Dumont as a community plus you are sold on it as a location.

It’s easy for a home buyer to get listing information on the internet but the web doesn’t often give you neighborhood information that’s more than just facts and figures.  For Dumont home buyers these videos solve the problem.  Dumont homeowners can take pride in how their town portrays itself online.  Whether you’re buying a Dumont home or own a Dumont home, you’ll find these videos something to see!

If you want to buy a Dumont home it’s easy to find listing information on the web.  Discovering the character, the “feel” of a town and it’s neighborhoods is another matter.  Dumont understood this need.  They solved the problem for future Dumont home buyers with this excellent series of videos.

You have to give them credit.  Dumont NJ sets itself apart handsomely by using video promotion.  As a result, it’s way ahead of it’s competition.

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