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register to voteHere’s an article to help you with how to register to vote in New Jersey.

Last month I wrote an article about the change in school board elections. This is because New Jersey now allows school board elections to be moved to the general election in November.  The primary reason is because it saves a lot of money.  There are no duplicate expenses with just one election.  Officials expect that pairing the school elections with the general elections will increase voter turn out for both.  As a result it’s a win on two accounts because it saves money and increases the vote due to convenience.

Because most and not all local school boards have moved their elections to November, please check with your town.  You are out of luck, however, if you need to register to vote.  You can’t vote if you haven’t done this.

If you haven’t registered to vote because you’ve just moved to Bergen County from some place else, click on this link for voter registration application forms.  It’s very easy and does not take long.  Do it today before you forget and it’s too late.  The New Jersey Division of Elections  register to votewebsite is easy to use and very informative for any questions you might have.  Here’s something else too –

If you’re not sure you can make it to the voting booth on election day, you can apply for a mail in ballot.  If you want to vote by mail,  just get an Application for Vote by Mail Ballot You don’t need any reason at all – just make sure you get your mail in ballot application to your County Clerk no later than 7 days before the election.

The bottom line on all of this is that it’s important to not only register to vote but to vote.  Every vote counts so make sure you show up this November and pull that lever!

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