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Bergenfield Schools Superintendent Visits Weichert Realtors

I work at Weichert Realtors in Tenafly, NJ.  One of the great things about my office are the weekly sales meetings on Tuesday mornings.  If you are a real estate agent you must be on top of what’s happening in so many ways and a priority is keeping up with your local communities.

Bergenfield is an important real estate market so we want to be current on everything.  Today the Superintendent of the Bergenfield School District, Dr. Kuchar, came to speak to us.  He brought with him the Principal of Bergenfield High School, Dr. Fasano.

Dr Kuchar’s Mission to Improve Bergenfield Schools

In August I wrote about the great job Dr. Kuchar and his team were doing telling you that Bergenfield was beginning all day kindergarten in the fall of 2011 with no tax increase.  What we learned today from Dr. Kuchar and Dr. Fasano was even more impressive.  Bergenfield schools are so improved that New Jersey Monthly Magazine awarded Bergenfield High School as the most improved in the State and Governor Christie came to Bergenfield visiting the schools and classrooms congratulating students, staff and Dr. Kuchar for an extremely well done job.

Dr. Kuchar explained the innovative things he has been doing and Dr. Fasano discussed the exciting programs and successes in the high school.  From using solar panels to generate $20,000 per month in income by selling back power to a simply awesome number of AP courses in everything from robotics to journalism, Dr. Kuchar has brought the Bergenfield School District into a position where Bergenfield has been invited to become a Blue Ribbon District.

Bergenfield Homes Are Benefiting From Bergenfield Schools

If you are a Bergenfield homeowner, you must be thrilled about your schools.  If you are thinking about buying a Bergenfield home, this school system will be a big push to purchase in town.  Bergenfield homes are gaining value because of their schools.  With all the improvements that Dr. Kuchar has brought about since he became Superintendent a few years ago, more and more buyers are looking at Bergenfield homes as attractive options in the market.

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