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town websitesIsn’t the internet great?  When you are buying a home nothing seems to beat it for all the information it has.  But when it comes to knowing a town and the neighborhood, nothing replaces being there.  Still there is one place where you can get to know a community and that’s the town website.

Town websites give you a special look into the character and services of a community.  Although not all towns have a website, most do and they are filled with information and community news.

Are you shopping for a Tenafly home?  The Tenafly Borough site has the Tenafly Memorial Day Parade schedule telling you that everyone is invited to the Tenafly Elk’s Club for refreshments after the ceremony.

Looking for a Ridgewood home?  If you go to the Village of Ridgewood website you’ll learn that the Ridgewood flood rating is unchanged which gives it’s residents a 15% discount on insurance.

Looking for an Englewood home?  The City of Englewood website tells you that all Englewood residents are eligible for a 20% discount card for prescriptions.

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Cresskill the Cresskill Borough website announces that the town is having it’s Spring Festival on June 11th.

Local websites are important for new homeowners too.  Because a town website has great information for residents, it’s invaluable for new residents.  Be sure to check yours out before you close on your home.  Each municipality has it’s own rules.  As a result, town websites are invaluable sources of the information you need.  New residents need to know garbage schedules, street parking rules, where the library is located, etc.  Town websites give you this and more.

I have all the town websites for you on my site.  Click Here and choose the town website you want.

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