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If you own a Teaneck home, I’m sure you go to the town’s outstanding public library.  While growing up in Leonia, I spent many happy hours in the Leonia Public Library but the Teaneck Public Library is much bigger.  As a result, I often went there to do research for my high school reports.

I make it a point to drives customers by the Teaneck Public Library when showing homes in town.  The library is a great asset to the town and it’s residents.  All buildings need housekeeping and attention from time to time.  Now is one of those times so the library will be closed for a while.

Starting this Wednesday, May 18th, until June 1st the Teaneck Public Library will be closed. The Bergenfield Library will have Teaneck Library staff on hand to help out during this period..

It’s important to understand that no one should return books or anything else during this time.  No fines will be assessed.  The due date for all materials that were supposed to be returned then has been changed to June 6th.

If everyone cooperates by just holding on to the materials due to be returned from May 18th until June 1st, it will avoid chaos for the library and the librarians.  So if you’re looking for your favorite librarian from May 18th until June 1st, you might find her or him at the Bergenfield Library.

The full announcement on the library closing is on the Teaneck Public Library website.  Please remember the following:  You will have to go elsewhere if you have a Teaneck home and want to visit your local library from this Wednesday until June 1st.

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