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Cresskill Homes Are Flying!

If you own a home in Cresskill you’ll be very happy to hear that the Cresskill real estate market is brisk so far this year.  No matter how you slice it, more homes have sold this year through April than they did last year.  Town wide we have 24 sales so far this year with 19 in 2010.

Because Cresskill has a significant number of high end homes, it’s a good idea to look at the statistics through $1 million because that really is the bulk of the market in town but the results are the same – more sales in 2011 than we had in 2010.  The time it takes to sell these homes is a little quicker than in 2010 but for the $1 million + market, homes are selling much faster this year.

The median price is up too – 17% more for the under million dollars Cresskill homes and 21% more for sales at over $1 million.  You can use average sales prices too.  You will find that the results are the same.  It’s all good.  There is no doubt about it.  The market for a Cresskill home is much better this year with more sales, better time on market figures and higher median prices.

There is no reason to expect this to change and continue on for several more years.  This is because the dynamics of what Cresskill has to offer as a town won’t change.

Cresskill has all the assets people look for in a town.  Let’s take the 2 primary factors of value – schools and commute.  Cresskill schools are excellent and the commute is very good.  Commuters have a choice of NJ Transit and Coach USA buses.

Another major asset are the town services.  The town pool is fabulous and a place where people meet and get to know each other.  There is a new athletic building that is going to double as a community center.  Cresskill has it’s own Earth Day and other local celebrations throughout the year.

The local business district has been growing and improving.  You can get pretty much anything you need downtown from Kings Supermarket to the local drug store.  There are several outstanding restaurants plus pizza shops, a deli and a great bagel shop.

With all these assets it’s no wonder that Cresskill homes are flying.


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