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River Vale Police Department In order to keep on top of what’s happening in the 70 municipalities in Bergen County I sign up for email notices from their online services. One of those is the River Vale Police Department.  If you own a River Vale home you really should make sure you get the notices that your police department regularly emails.  I have found these to be so useful to anyone and essential if you live in River Vale.

Let’s take the latest email alert I received from the River Vale Police.  It arrived the other day in my email inbox and was a warning to River Vale residents about social networking.  In the message was a story about Nashua New Hampshire where a resident had been robbed of over $200,000 worth of personal items because they had told everyone through social networking that they were going on a vacation.

The River Vale Police Department was warning town residents that if you are planning a trip, don’t broadcast your plans through your social network presence because thieves watch for exactly that and rob houses based on such postings.  I never fail to be impressed with the constant stream of very valuable information that River Vale residents get from their police department.  So if you own a River Vale home, be sure to sign up for the River Vale Police Deparment email alerts.  You can reach the RV Police at 201-264-1111.


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